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7 Best travel Hair Dryer Dual voltage, Compact & Powerful

Do you find it inconvenient to carry your bulky hair dryer while backpacking across the countryside, or on a short educational trip or even to the gym? Or do you shudder at the prospect of using the dirty hair dryers in the motels and hotels? And the problem doesn’t end there – you have to worry about the varying voltages and plug points and if your dryer will fit into them. The answer to your predicament is a good travel hair dryer – compact, durable,portable and easy to use.We have used them all and after years of experience and thorough research, we have selected some of the best travel hair dryers that are portable and make you want to use the dryer again and again. With the information in this guide, you will be able to choose the best travel hair dryer all by yourself. To minimize the confusion and the reduce the time taken to choose the ideal travel hair dryer we have reviewed seven of the best travel hair dryers on the market today.

Dominants Name Rate,(x/5) Reviews Price Buy Now
1st BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 4,2 2311 $32,00 Traveler Choice
2nd Conair XP 1600 4,5 951 $15 Best Size & Price
3rd Andis 33805 4 768 $25 Buy Now
4th Revlon 1875W 4 647 $23 Buy Now
5th Conair XP 1875 3,6 713 $25,00 Buy Now
6th VAV Ultra Mini Dryer 4,1 169 $19 Amazon choice
7th HSI Pro Mini Travel Set 4,3 29587 $99,00 Only 1 Left – Order Soon


I. Understand best travel hair dryer:

It is important to know the various features ofthe best travel hair dryer to help you make a choice that will be worth your money.

A. Different voltages & Plugs from country to another

A frequent traveler knows that every country has its own standard voltage. North American, certain parts of Europe and Japan use 110 V while the rest of the world uses 220-240 V. You can use a current converter when you travel between these regions but remember converters are expensive and bulky. Most electrical appliances are rated between 100 and 240 voltages; therefore, a better option would be to purchase adual voltage appliance that can be used at home and while traveling. The best travel hair dryers meant for travel come with a switch that allows you shift between 120 and 240 volts.

B. Technology:

Knowing what technology has been used will help in reaching a prudent decision that might save you money.

  • Ceramics: It is a coating commonly found on all hair dryers to dissipate heat evenly. So, do not think you are getting something extra.
  • Ionic (most popular): This technology is said to reduce the frizz but users have claimed that they have found no difference with this feature on or off.
  • Technology Tourmaline: Tourmaline is a gemstone which is used for coating the internal parts of the dryer and is believed to give speedy and quick results.

C. Hair dryer types & Size:

The normal hair dryers differ from travel hair dryers in construction, weight and power. The use-at -home dryers are bulky and difficult to take along for travel while the travel dryers are typically compact, lightweight, consume less energy and are easy to pack.

Key features of travel hair dryers

The best travel hair dryer should have the following features:

  • Weight and size: Must be compact and lightweight and should not cause any shoulder ache even after holding for a long period of time. But not all small are light; some travel dryers with powerful motors will be really heavy.
  • Power: A hair dryer needs a minimum of 1000 watt but for quick drying effects choose models with wattage between 1800 and 2000.
  • Long retractable cord: Gives the dryer a neat look when not in use while also providing more freedom of movement.
  • Foldable handle: Occupies less space and is easy to store
  • Voltage: Dual voltage is a must in the best travel hair dryer as the voltage varies from region to region.
  • Attachments: Look for removable attachments as this saves space and allows easy maintenance. Usually, attachments are nozzles, diffusers etc. which help in styling the hair and maintaining the curls
  • Coot button: Can be used when the hair is just damp or 80% dry thereby preventing overdrying of the hair
  • Air filter: Prevents the hair from being sucked into the dryer
  • Noise level: Has to be minimal to prevent disturbing other guests
  • Case: To store and carry along with other accessories.

II. Seven “Top rated” & Dominants Travel hair dryer

1st Dominant – BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium

Review For BaBylissPRO

A 1000-watt mini portable hair dryer, the BabylissPro is a perfect companion on your sojourns. It is compact, has a folding handle, comes with a dual voltage dial and allows you to switch between 125 and 250V. The tourmaline coating ensures that your hair is cared for gently and with minimal damage leaving the hair shiny and dry.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Dries fast
  • Leaves the hair soft and shiny
  • Removable rear filter
  • Easy to clean
  • Long chord.


  • Plastic diffuser that gets hot
  • Stops working after a few times
  • Not powerful enough for long hair.

User reviews: Users are generally happy with the compact lightweight nature of the dryer though many wish it was more powerful and durable for the price.

BUY : BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium

2nd Dominants – Conair XP 1600

Review For Conair XP 1600

A no-frills travel hair dryer with a dual voltage mode the Conair XP is portable and comes with a foldable handle. It is lightweight and has just two heat settings. This is a perfect dryer for everyday use. Powerful and with a switch to toggle between 120V and 250 V the dryer has earned its place in the top best travel hair dryer’s list.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Dual voltage system
  • Powerful motor.


  • No removable filters
  • No accompanying diffuser
  • Issues in working in international locations.

User reviews: All users unanimously agree that this is one of the best hair dryers for travel because it is compact and lightweight and yet powerful.

BUY : Conair XP 1600

3rd Dominants – Andis 33805

Review For Andis 33805

The Andis 33805 though small in size is power packed with 1600 watts and works like a professional dryer. It has a dual voltage system and the manufacturer claims lifelong protection from shocks. It does not have any ionic coating though.


  • Powerful motor
  • Reasonably quiet
  • Dries fast
  • Compact and portable.


  • Gets hot fast
  • The voltage switch is not durable.

User reviews: Customers are very satisfied with the powerful performance and the small size of the dryer and consider it one of the best travel hair dryer.

BUY : Andis 33805

4th Dominants – Revlon 1875W

Review For Revlon 1875W

A budget-friendly portable travel hair dryer the Revlon 1875W weighs a mere 1.2 pounds. It has one of the most powerful motors with wattage of 1875 and performs fast. The dryer comes with two heat settings, a cold button, and a triple ceramic coating to reduce the frizz. Dual voltage system, foldable handle, and dual voltage system are the other noticeable features of the product.


  • Great looks
  • Lightweight
  • Long chord
  • Triple ceramic and ionic coating to protect hair.


  • Chord is not retractable
  • Attachment doesn’t stay
  • Has a burning smell when used
  • Loud.

User reviews: It has received mixed reactions with users been unhappy with the burning smell and its ability to get heated up really fast leading to more frizzy hair.

BUY : Revlon 1875W

5th Dominants – Conair XP 1875

Review For Conair XP 1875

The presence of the ionic technology an important feature of the best travel hair dryer makes the Conair a good choice. It also comes with the cool button giving you an opportunity to style and set your hair. It is compact, lightweight and has dual voltage. The 1875-watt motor makes it one of the most powerful dryers on the list.


  • 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings
  • Cold button is present
  • Dries fast


  • Retractable cord doesn’t work well
  • Gets overheated.

User reviews: Users like the compact nature and the very reasonable price but very disappointed that the retractable cord doesn’t work as expected.

BUY : Conair XP 1875

6st Dominants – VAV Ultra Mini Dryer

Review For VAV Ultra Mini Dryer

Might not have the most powerful motor but the VAV is a travel-friendly dryer with an ergonomic handle and loop to store. It has two heat settings and an additional cool button; the chord is also 1.8 meters long for convenient use. It has two other important features expected in the best travel hair dryer – safety net to prevent hair being sucked in and a lint filter. Cleaned


  • Long chord
  • Removable lint filter
  • Safety net to prevent hair getting pulled in
  • Cool button.


  • 1000 watt
  • No retractable cord.

User reviews: It is a decent mini dryer that is not the most powerful but does the job reasonably well.

BUY : VAV Ultra Mini Dryer

7th Dominants – HSI Pro Mini Travel Set

Review For HSI Pro Mini Travel Set

A hair straightened with adjustable heat settings and 8 microsensors on the ceramic plates with tourmaline crystals give a smooth and shiny finish to the hair. You can straighten, flip or curl with minimal effort. The dual voltage setting makes it compatible for use in any region.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Gets heated up soon
  • Long Cord
  • Convenient storage pouch.


  • No auto shutoff

User reviews: The users find the HIS pro to be an ergonomically designed easy to use product that is real value for money.

BUY : HSI Pro Mini Travel Set

II. How to choose between them

It is very confusing to choose the best travel hair dryer from the very best. Hence, you must base your decision on key features like budget, power, dual voltage and warranty. Remember the more the features, the higher the power the more expensive a dryer becomes. Based on your usage buy a model but do not sacrifice quality for cost. Any dryer with wattage of 1300 and above is good for everyday day use. Finally, it is important that your product is covered by warranty because it is an assurance from the manufacturer that the product is made well and they stand by it.

Travel Hair Dryer Accessories

1. All-in-One International Travel Plug Adapter

Review For All-in-One International Travel Plug Adapter

An international travel plug is a handy accessory with your best travel hair dryer because it can plug your device into any kind of wall socket because sockets differ from country to country. The adapter will not convert the voltage, for that you need another accessory.

BUY : International Travel Plug Adapter

2. Universal Voltage Converter

Review For Universal Voltage Converter

Different regions in the world have different standard voltage and to protect your electronics from the damage you need a voltage converter which will convert the available voltage to suit your device or appliance.

BUY : Universal Voltage Converter

3. Universal Hair Diffuser Adapter for hair dryer

Best Universal Hair Diffuser Adapter For hair dryer

These attachments are usually made ofhigh-temperature resistant material and they are best suited for those with frizzy hair.

BUY : Universal Hair Diffuser Adapter

4. Hair Dryer Bags

Review For Hair Dryer Bags

You need a good hair dryer bag to store your best travel hair dryer and its accessories to prevent the dryer from damaging the clothes and keep everything organized and neat.

BUY : Hair Dryer Bags


Hopefully, the cobwebs are cleared and you have chosen the best travel hair dryer. We would like to hear from you about your choice and the reason for choosing it. Don’t forget to leave your comments and should you wish to know more about any product we will be happy to advise.


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