The best boxing gloves are designed to provide ample support for not only the user but also the opponent. Though they are called boxing gloves they can be used for all kinds of sparring and similar combat sports like kickboxing or if you take part in UFC or practice any form of MMA.

It is not always easy to choose the best boxing gloves. The various criteria like size, weight, brand, and type must be considered before you invest your hard-earned money.

Whether you are a beginner or an amateur on the lookout for a fresh set of gloves, by the end of article this you will be an expert in the field of boxing gloves shopping. Here we have listed and reviewed seven of the best boxing gloves highlighting the pros and cons of each item to facilitate easy selection between the top pairs.

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2 TITLE Gel Wolrd 4.7 303 $119 Free Shipping
3 Twins Special 4.6 261 $67 to $111 Great Quality
4 Venum Elite 4.5 344 $79 Only 6 Left
5 Everlast Women’s Pro 4.4 1146 $23 41% OFF
6 Sanabul Essential GEL 4.5 791 $25 Best Seller
7 Everlast Pro Style 5.2 2146 $27 30% OFF

I. Best Boxing Gloves Guide – Must Know Information

Before you plunge into selecting the best pair of gloves, a little knowledge on boxing gloves, its uses, the various types and the differences between them will aid in choosing the correct pair for your exclusive needs. Let’s begin:

1. What is boxing:

It is a combat sport where in two opponents throw punches at each other. Hence, even Muay Thai boxing, MMA and kickboxing fall into this category.

2. Importance of the best boxing gloves:

These cushioned accessories not only protect your face and hands from damage but also reduce the impact on your joints and muscles which is very important. They also prevent your sparring partner from getting hurt.

3. Difference between boxing gloves and MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing gloves:

Based on the style and technique of boxing the gloves provide support and cushioning as the pressure points differ in different sports. Thus, best boxing gloves are designed to protect the full hand as the padding is evenly distributed to with stand greater pressure and more impact. While on the other hand, the gloves for the other three forms are designed to allow more grabbing potential. Hence, these gloves have less padding are more lightweight and are shorter.

4. Understand Boxing Gloves weight & Sizes

Weight and size of the boxing gloves are two aspects that will determine the efficacy of the gloves. These two parameters are the most confusing aspects of selection.

For those of you who have not found any satisfactory answer even after scouring the net have come to the right place as we put to the rest the doubts once and for all.

A. Boxing Gloves Weight & Outside-size:

The weight of the gloves is always dependent on the weight of the person. It is measured in ounces and typically ranges from 6 OZ to 20 Oz. The most common weight lies between 8 and 16 ounces based on other factors like the size of your hand and the style of boxing – punching a heavy bag, sparring or for professional competitions.

One important aspect regarding weight is the outside glove size. This is the actual size of the glove including the padding; the more the padding, the heavier the glove, the larger the size and the more protection.

B. Boxing glove sizes inside the glove:

Inside glove size is not dependent on the weight but is purely based on the size of the hand of the boxer. This size is not a standard across the various brands available in the market as the factors used to determine this size vary between companies; some use the total hand circumference while others use the age of the boxer and the body weight. The best way to determine what is the inside size suitable for your hands is to check out the size chart of each brand.

C. Body weight and power Vs Hand size:

A common misconception about the size of gloves is that only large handed people must have large gloves; it is not true. It is wrongly conceived that a big bodied people have powerful punches while in reality they have gloves with more padding which in turn makes the gloves heavy and big. Thus, size of a glove is dependent on the amount of padding and support and protection needed by an individual. Therefore, women and youngsters need a minimum of 12 Oz while men require a minimum of 16 Oz heavy gloves.

Here is a sample size chart

Hand circumference
without wrap
90-120 lbs. 5.5″ – 6.5″ 8 oz
120-150 lbs. 6.5″ – 7.5″ 10 oz
150-185 lbs. 7.5″ – 8.5″ 14 oz
185 lbs& over 8.5″ – 9.5″ 16 oz

D. Importance of Closure – lace-up or Velcro gloves

Velcro is the obvious choice if you want to take off and put them on fast. They are usually used by beginners and those who practice on their own. But the choice of the professionals is lace-up because they have a better grip and fit; they also provide more protection for the user and the sparring partner. The only disadvantage of this type is that you need the help of a coach or a partner to remove them and wear them.

5. Types of Boxing gloves

Not all boxing gloves are designed equally; based on the purpose and style of boxing there are different types of gloves available on the market. The main difference is in the padding and the weight. There are six types of gloves commonly available in the market.

A. Competition boxing gloves:

These are lace-up gloves that are lightweight designed to deliver more power and faster punches. The recommended weight for professionals is between 8 and 10 Oz while amateurs can go for 10, 12 or 14 Oz. These gloves are expensive.

B. Training Boxing gloves:

These gloves are typically Velcro types though some lace-up are also available. They are economical, moderate padding and are used for everyday training.

C. Heavy-bag boxing gloves:

These gloves are designed to withstand daily use and repeated high impact punches. In these gloves, the pads are molded to not only protect the hands but also the joints from the impact. They even help reduce pain. They usually weight between 14 to 16 Oz.

D. Sparing boxing gloves:

Probably the most important accessories in any boxer’s kit, the sparring gloves are designed to not only protect the user but also the sparring partner from damage. Hence, these gloves have extra padding to reduce impact and are also molded to provide more wrist support. They are the ideal choice for beginners. They are available in all sizes and weights.

E. Speed Gloves:

These are a kind of training glove that is designed to be precise without compromising on protection. They are lightweight and are constructed to protect your hands from the light bag and speed bag scrapes and bruises.

F. What is the difference between “Sparring Gloves, Training Gloves & Bag Gloves”:

Sparring gloves are meant to protect both sparring partners during practice sessions; here the cushion is evenly distributed to reduce impact. They are designed to protect the face, teeth and hands. Whereas bag gloves and training gloves are meant for punching the heavy bag innumerable times and hence are designed to be more durable and provide protection only for the user. They are smaller and lighter than sparring gloves and offer less protection. Speed gloves are a type of bag gloves that are lightweight and designed to protect against bruises and scraps.

6. Other useful information:

A. Which are the Best boxing gloves brands?

There are several brands but those listed below are the most consistent and durable of the lot: Everlast, Title, Winning, Ringside, Venum.

B. Does the color of the glove matter?

The answer is yes it does matter in competition, but not in training; red and Blue are the more dominant colors.

C. What is the best Gloves Weight for a beginner?

The weight of your gloves depends on your body weight but the ideal weight for a beginner of normal height and weight is 16Oz.

D. Best boxing gloves for heavy bag & Sparring?

For heavy bags you need padding to protect your hands, 14Oz or 16Oz will do the job depends on your weight, and the power of your punches. While 16Oz are the most recommended for sparring. As they say “Sparring is learning”, so you should not hurt your opponents, and keep him/her in the guard position, that’s why more than enough padding is needed.

E. Vinyl or Leather for a best Boxing gloves?

Keep it simple, so basically if you got the money buy the leather ones, if you don’t vinyl or synthetic leather will last.

F. Does the weight of the glove play a part in speed and strength?

No. If you choose a pair that is heavier than required you will pull a muscle or do some other damage. The weight of the glove does not contribute to the speed but practice and technique do.

I. How many gloves should a beginner’s kit have?

a. 2 heavy weight gloves for sparring and heavy bag. e.g.: 16 Oz and 14 Oz

b. 2 lightweight gloves for mitts, pads, speed and lightwave bags. e.g.: 10 Oz and 12 Oz.

II. The Best Seven Dominants Boxing Gloves

1st. CLETO REYES Review

review for Cleto Reyes boxing gloves

They are the finest pair of leather training gloves manufactured by Cleto Reyes. Clean craftsmanship and water repellant lining ensure that your hands stay dry while you pursue your combat. The padding is 2-inch latex and the closure is the hook and loop type for easy usage. The thumb is attached and it is handmade in Mexico.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Attractive colors
  • Attached thumb for more protection and convenience
  • Genuine leather.


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for sparring
  • Fit is inaccurate in several cases
  • Not enough padding
  • The hook loop system is not the finest around.

User reviews:

The pair received mixed reviews from customers; while those who managed to get the right fit raved about the wrist support and protection, a small percentage of users were unhappy with the padding and felt that it was not sufficient for training purposes. But all users were unanimous in voicing the fact that the pair is expensive and takes time to break in.

BUY CELETO REYES [Only 7 Left & Free Shipping]

2nd. TITLE Gel World bag gloves Review

Review for TITLE Gel World Bag Gloves

These bag gloves come armed with a gel enforced lining along with multi-layer foam padding to provide maximum protection from impact. These leather gloves have an adjustable wrist and a hook and loop closure for a compact and secure fit.


  • Durable
  • Fits snugly
  • Ample padding
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Heavier than normal bag gloves
  • The interiors don’t dry fast.

User Review:

Though the gloves are heavy they have been well received by users; they found the fit to be comfortable, the support adequate and the durability decent. The price was also felt to be reasonable.


3rd. TWINS Special Review

review for Twins Special Boxing Gloves

These are a versatile pair of boxing gloves that can be used for Muay Thai and Kickboxing also. Available in various weights ranging from 8 Oz to 16 Oz, these leather gloves are made in Thailand. These mid-range gloves are ideal for training and sparring.


  • Great construction and good fit
  • Ample protection and wrist support
  • Mid-range price
  • Adequate knuckle protection
  • Wide color choice.


  • Awkward placement of thumb
  • The Velcro loses grip with frequent use.

User Review:

Most of the users are happy with the price and performance of the pair. They like the padding and the protection though there are issues with the fit. Overall believed to be worth the money.

BUY Twins Special [Great Quality]

4th. Venum Elite Review

review Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

These hand made skin tex leather gloves are ideal for training and regular gym usage. These entry level gloves have been reinforced when compared to their predecessors with triple density foam to provide more shock absorption. Good aesthetics and decent durability make these a good addition to the novice but not the hard hitter.


  • Value for money
  • Comfortable fit with adequate padding and wrist
  • support
  • The Velcro closes well
  • Stylish and sleek look.


  • Not as durable as real leather and the lining gives way eventually
  • Slightly on the bigger side
  • Tend to have a bad smell due to inadequate ventilation

User Review:

Most of the users are pleasantly surprised with the sleek and stylish look and feel the pair is a good buy for the price. Though it can’t be compared with leather, a majority of the users find the gloves to be very comfortable and have a stated there is a lesser incidence of sore wrists and knuckles.

BUY Venum Elite [Only 6 Left]

5th. Everlast Women’s pro-style Review – The Best boxing gloves for women

review Everlast Women's Pro boxing gloves

Crafted exclusively for women, this pair of boxing gloves are constructed well and are functional with an aesthetic appeal. These synthetic leather gloves have been subject to antimicrobial treatment which makes them odor and bacteria resistant. The full mesh palm fits snugly with the contours of a women’s hand. They are ideal for sparring, mitt work,and heavy bag workouts.


  • Great price
  • Ergonomic design
  • Bright feminine color
  • Lightweight.


  • Smell really bad in the first days
  • The Velcro, not the strongest around.

User Review:

Many users are immensely pleased with the color and the cost-effectiveness of the gloves. They believe it is an ideal starter set for women. The breathable mesh and the thumb lock feature have been well received. But for the offensive smell, this pair of boxing gloves is well liked.

BUY Everlast Women’s Pro [41% OFF – SAVE $16]

6th. SANSABUL Essential Review – The Best cheap boxing gloves

Review for Sanabul Essential GEL boxing glovesAnother high-quality well-engineered boxing gloves that won’t break the bank is the SANSABUL Essential. Crafted with gel infused foam for added protection and prevention from injuries, this pair fits comfortably and with ease. It is an ideal pair for sparring and training by women and kids.



  • A large selection of colors
  • Top notch Velcro
  • Good ergonomic fit
  • Extremely lightweight.


  • Not the most durable in the market
  • Becomes too tight when worn on top of hand wraps

User Review:

Most of the users are happy with the cushioning and the good wrist support provided by the gloves. Once again, the smell is an area of concern that needs to be looked into.

BUY Sanabul EG [Best Seller]


Review Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Aimed at the beginner these gloves are ideal for boxing and not so suitable for other forms like Muay Thai and kickboxing. Made from polyurethane and polyester the gloves have ample padding to provide sufficient protection from impact. But the same cant be said about knuckle protection which is poor. Overall a low budget option for boxing.


  • Commendable wrist support
  • Breathable
  • Lot of choice of colors.


  • Velcro belt not large enough
  • Inner material is stiff and difficult to clean
  • Offensive smell.

User Review:

This pair is a crowd favorite and well liked by all users. The comfortable fit and adequate padding are thought to be ideal for beginners though it is not recommended for advanced boxers.

BUY Everlast Pro Style [30% OFF – SAVE $12

III. How to choose one pair from the 7 of the best boxing gloves

Every brand has its own specialty and its own drawbacks making it difficult to narrow down on one perfect pair for your use. We will make it easier for you as we throw light on some of the deciding features.

  • Boxing level: Based on your expertise whether you are you a beginner, amateur or a professional choose the gloves.
  • Budget: Choose the pair closest to your budget.
  • Boxing Type: The purpose for which you wish to buy must be the next option as the gloves are different for sparring, bag boxing, and competitive boxing.
  • Gender: Buy according to your gender; women generally have smaller hands and will need gloves more suitable to their strength.

IV. Must-Have Boxing Gloves Accessories

Here is a list of accessories that are a must for the complete feel.

1. 180″ Wraps for boxing gloves

180" Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps

Wrapping hands before wearing your best boxing gloves gives additional protection and support to your hands. Wraps are usually made of cotton or are a spandex blend for comfort dry feel.

BUY 180″ Wraps [best Seller & 50% OFF]

2. WRAP BAG for Washing

BAG for Washing Hand Wraps

To maintain the shape and elasticity of your hand wraps nad to prevent them from getting tangled with other laundry use a good quality mesh wrap bag.

BUY Bag for washing Wrap

3. EverGel Hand Wraps

Everlast Hand Wraps

“Hand wraps with gel” protect your hands and wrists from injury and pain during training sessions. They also support the bones and muscles in the hand and provide additional protection to the knuckles.

BUY Gel Hand Wraps

4. Glove Deodorizers

Glove Deodorizers for Boxing

When you box a lot of sweat accumulates in your gloves and this must be got rid of immediately after practice because moist areas are breeding grounds for bacteria which will lead to severe infections if left unattended. Using deodorizers not only keeps the gloves fresh and smelling nice but also absorbs moisture and keeps them dry.

BUY Glove Deodorizers [Free Shipping]

5. Boxing mouth guard

Boxing Mouthguard

Without a proper mouth guard, you might end up fracturing a tooth and even breaking a jaw. It is one of the most important accessories that any boxer must invest in right at the onset. Even mild sparring can cause trauma to the head.

BUY Mouth Guard

6. Horizontal Boxing Glove Display Case

Boxing Glove Display Case

Why must you hide your prized memorabilia in the recesses of your home when you can display it proudly in your living room in its own display case. This way you can not only protect the object but also relieve the memory every single day and regale your guests with anecdotes.

BUY Glove Display case [Free Shipping]


We hope this article has enlightened you enough on the best boxing gloves to suit your style of combat. Remember buying the right gear is the first step.Ideally, for beginners’ gloves more padding is recommended to protect their hands from damage during practice.
Please tell us in the comment section bellow which boxing gloves you like, or mention any good gloves that we didn’t cover above.


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